White Porter Gel Fireplace by Real Flame

This white gel fireplace is where simplicity meets beauty. This is perfect gel fireplace when looking for that safer alternative to a wood burning fireplace. It is also a great solution when you would love to have one, but your current living situation don’t accommodate for one. This one also doesn’t require any venting or a chimney. So that opens up plenty of places for you to come up with to put it.

White Gel Fireplace

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The white mantle is a great contrast to the black firebox insert. These two classic colors always have made the best contrast pair. This fireplace utilizes 3 gel burning fuel cans for fuel for this fireplace. You can choose to light one or light them all. They gel fuel, burns clean making it safe for the environment and you as well.

Features Of This White Gel Fireplace

Vent less

This gel fireplace requires no vents or chimney, since it burns clean and omits no harmful smoke or gases.

Solid Wood Construction

This fireplace’s mantle is constructed of solid wood with some veneer as well for strength and design.

Steel Constructed Firebox

The firebox insert is constructed of powder coated steel for heat resistance and durability.

White Porter Gel Fireplace by Real Flame

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Realistic Flame and Fire Burning Sound

Looking for that realistic alternative to a wood fire, this will give you the look and sound of a wood fire. You will enjoy the crackling and snapping sound experienced in a real wood fire.

9,000 BTU’s

This fireplace puts out 3,000 BTU’s per can of gel fuel. Giving you a total of 9,000 BTU’s when all three are lit.

ECO-Friendly Fuel

This fireplace uses alcohol based gel fuel that is non-toxic. Making it a great choice for the environment, you, children and pets.

Easy Cleanup

Since this fireplace emits no smoke, soot, gases, fumes ashes or etc. So cleanup is a breeze, just an occasional wipe down with a damp rag and your done to remove dust or smudges.

White Porter Gel Fireplace

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Full Spark Screen

This fireplace offers a full spark screen for safety.

Made by a Reliable Company

This is made by Real Flame a company that has been in business for over 25 years.

90-Day Warranty

This fireplace comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Overall product measurements are 53.2 inches X 16.5 inches X 11.8 inches.
  • Total weight of fireplace is 84 pounds
  • Company of manufacture is Jensen Metal Products (Real Flame).
  • BTU output of 3,000 BTU’s per can.
  • Fuel needed for use is gel fuel cans, none are included but are available for purchase separately.
  • Fuel is tested by independent labs to insure safety.
  • This is a free standing fireplace.


  • Ventless design, since this fireplace is clean burning no venting system is required for operation.
  • ECO friendly fuel supply, this fireplace uses gel fuel which emits no toxins into the air making it eco-friendly as well as people and pet friendly as well.
  • Easy cleanup, since it burns clean there is no smoke, residue, ashes or etc. So the only thing you need to do is wipe down from time to time with a damp cloth for dust and smudge removal.
  • No electricity or gas needed for operation. So there are no wire or connection hoses to worry about. Making it a great item for many different rooms.
  • Free standing design, this fireplace can be placed against a wall or free standing depending on your needs.
  • Full spark screen for protection while in use.Flames offer the same colors as a classic wood fire.
  • You get the same crackling and popping sounds that you do with a wood burning fire. So great for those who enjoy hearing that.
  • Mantle stays cool, so you can place some items on top of fireplace. Not recommended to put anything flammable around or on fireplace. Also not recommended to put TV on either.
  • Provides warming heat for a small to medium size room.
  • Up to 3 hours of burn time on a full can.


  • Puts out some warmth but don’t rely on for a primary heat source.
  • Can become expensive if intending on using it on a consistent basis.

Final Verdict

This will give you that classic look you are looking for if you want classic. The white and black makes it noticeable while still keeping the design basic. This would be a great asset to any room in your home or your business. You cannot go wrong with the combination of price as well as style when it comes to this eco-friendly fireplace.

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