Where to Buy Small Wood Burning Stove?

A small wood burning stove can be used in emergency situations to prepare food for your family, like I do. or they can be used when you want to gather outdoors with friends for a meal.

There are a lot of things you should consider before you run out and buy one of these appliances. Some of the top things for you to keep in mind are:

What to Consider when Shopping for a Small Wood Burning Stove

Small Wood Burning Stove

  1. What type of small wood burning stove do you want to buy

The main consideration should be the fuel source. Different types of wood burning stoves are capable of using different fuel sources. For people who have access to wood this is not as important as it is for people who live in cities and might need to burn charcoal or biomass instead of logs.

  1. How large of a room will the unit heat?

You must consider how large of a group that you will be cooking for when using the appliance. You want a device that is small enough to transport, but large enough to cook plenty of food for everyone in your group.

  1. How much you want to spend for a wood burning stove?

The amount of money that you have budgeted to spend on this appliance will help you to narrow your selection. You want to make sure that you are not giving up features that you will want in order to purchase an appliance at a lower price.

  1. How much maintenance will the appliance require?

The amount of care that will have to be given to the stove is very important. You want to choose an appliance that is easy to clean up, and easy to store. You want an ash pan that is easy to reach so you can empty it properly after each use.

  1. Does it have a solid cooking surface?

You want the device you choose to have a solid cooking surface that will support your cooking vessels properly. Cast iron is a good heat conductor so choosing a stove with a cast iron stove top could increase your cooking ability.

  1. Is it EPA certified?

An EPA certified device is safer because it has been built to meet all of the environmental protection agency regulations for this type of heat source. Buying an EPA certified unit will also allow you to possibly lower the amount of home owners insurance you will have to pay.

  1. Does it have useful accessories?

A large number of these appliances come with accessories that make using them easier to do. You want to look at the accessories that are offered and compare the devices carefully before choosing one appliance.

  1. Can it be used Indoors?

Many of these small appliances are rated for outdoor use only. If you are looking for something you can use indoors make sure you read he details of the stove carefully.

  1. Is it lined with firebrick?

Firebrick is a material that can withstand high temperatures without being damaged. Firebrick inside a wood burning appliance means that the fire is not going to damage the metal exterior of the appliance. Gas and electric appliances may not have firebrick inside them, but they often have it just to make them look more like the wood burning version.

  1. Does the exterior stay cool to the touch?

In homes with small children and pets it is especially important to choose an appliance that will remain cool on the exterior. There are wood burning units that have double housing that allows them to remain cool to the touch so they are less likely to cause a burn.

Where to buy Small Wood Burning Stove

If you have decided that having one of these items would be fun and useful, then you are naturally looking for the best place to purchase them. You want to purchase these appliances from reliable sources that offer warranties and protection. Some of the best places to buy these items are:

  • Online Shops

There are many online merchants that carry these items. Some of the best known online shops are; Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and Lowes. If you search the term small wood burning stove you will be offered several online merchant options by your favorite search engine.

  • Online review sites

Online review sites are possibly the best option for shopping for these appliances. With an online review site you get to see the most popular appliances and you will get to read what other people who have actually purchased these items thought of them.

An online review site takes the time to select the top appliances and compare them. You will be able to see the best options available and discover what features they have without spending hours online shopping.

  • Local Store

Local brick and mortar stores in your home town are always a good shopping alternative.

  • Classified Sites

Classified sites online can offer you these appliances from people who want to sell them privately.

Buying a Small Wood Burning Stove at a Glance

The main things for you to consider when shopping for these items are

  • The size of the area you have to heat with the unit.
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend.
  • The availability of the fuel the appliance will need.
  • The installation requirements
  • The shopping source you wish to use.

Our Editors Top 3 Small Wood Burning Stoves

Our editors decided they wanted to compile a list of the top 3 wood burning stoves to make shopping for these appliances easier for our readers. They did not take the selection process lightly.

Each of the wood burning units were scrutinized for features that would be useful, price, availability, and customer satisfaction reports. We looked at every detail and determined that the following 3 units were the ones we would want to buy for our own homes.


Stovetec Two-Door Deluxe Lite Wood/Charcoal Stove

This small wood burning stove caught our attention because it is packed with features we liked, it was priced affordably for most budgets, and the reviews from people who own it were positive.

Stovetec Two-Door Deluxe Lite Wood/charcoal Stove

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Our Favorite features of this small wood burning stove

Cast Iron stove top

The cast iron stove top will conduct heat evenly if you want to use this appliance to cook on. It also has six pot supports so the cooking vessel you are using will be balanced properly.

Burns different fuels

This little stove can be fueled by wood, biomass, or charcoal so the majority of people will have no trouble finding fuel for their units.

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This device weighs less than thirty pounds so it can be easily transported when you go to the lake, the river, the beach, or to visit friends.


  • Burns multiple types of fuel
  • Easy to carry.
  • Can be used as a cook stove
  • The fire chamber resists abrasion
  • Has thick tile on the floor
  • Small and compact
  • Metal handles are durable
  • Two door combustion chamber
  • Skirting is adjustable


  • Some assembly required


EcoZoom Rocket Stove – Versa

If you are looking for an appliance that has style and versatility then you have found the right product. This unit will do a wonderful job of cooking food for your next outdoor event.

It is attractive to look at, and designed to help you cook the best dishes with the least amount of effort.

EcoZoom Rocket Stove - Versa

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Features we loved about this small wood burning stove

The following features sold us on this unit. 

Burns Multiple Fuels

We love that you can use wood, biomass, or charcoal to fuel this stove. This means that almost everyone will be able to use the device no matter where they live.

Provides Maximum Heat to Cooking Vessels

This device has an insulated body that helps it to maintain heat and transfer that heat to the cook top. The cast iron top holds heat well so once you get the stove hot you will be able to cook more efficiently. 

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Air Flow Control

The best thing we found about this stove is that you get plenty of control over how hot your fire is burning by opening and closing the damper door. This allows you to control the amount of air that the fire receives so it can slow the fire down or speed it up as needed.


  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Silicon covered handles
  • Damper door for fire control
  • Cast iron cook top
  • Burns more than 1 fuel source


  • Is designed to be used outdoors only


Pleasant Hearth 1,200 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove – Small

Can be used Indoors

You can use this wood burning appliance indoors to heat about twelve hundred square feet. If the power is out you can place a cooking vessel on top of the stove and heat your house while you cook your dinner. 

Approved for Usage in Mobile Homes

Most wood burning appliances are not approved for usage in a mobile home. You will need to buy the separate air intake kit to make this unit applicable in a mobile home. It is EPA certified as a safe non-catalytic device 

Blower comes with unit

This stove has a blower that helps to distribute the heat around the room. Many appliances like this have the blower as an accessory but this unit comes standard with a blower and is rated as a 50,000 BTU heat source that will heat about twelve hundred square feet.


  • Small and compact
  • Has glass door to view fire
  • Sits on a pedestal
  • Burns up to an 18” log
  • Heats 1200 square feet
  • Fits standard six inch stove pipe
  • EPA approved
  • Can be used in a mobile home
  • Comes with a blower 


  • Some assembly required


A small wood burning stove can be used to cook food on outdoors, or as an extra heat source inside your home. They are affordable appliances that make our lives easier, and provide us with creature comforts even when the electricity is out.

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