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This is an excellent choice for a Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace, that has just a hint of class. This fireplace has a curved design giving it that hint of modern design without being over bearing. It features one partial glass panel across the front for wind protection. The burners are featured within the inset so the flames are also protected by each side of the inset.


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This wall mount fireplace is able to be mounted on the wall or into a recessed area, depending on your needs. It is a great size medium size for a fireplace, so it doesn’t take over the room. At least size wise, but it will probably still direct all the attention to it though.

FEATURES I Love About This Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace

When you are buying something, it is great knowing what it has to offer. It is no different when looking at purchasing this fireplace. You want to know everything down to the smallest detail before it gets to you. So we have taken the work out of finding all of that information and found it for you. All you have to do is keep on going to find out the information you want.

Ventless Design

This fireplace doesn’t require a vent system since there is no smoke or gases given off.

Easy Mounting

This fireplace is easy to mount, similar to mounting a tv on the wall.

Bio Ethanol Fuel 

This fireplace uses bio fuel ethanol so it burns clean with no smoke, odors, soot, gases or ashes.

Easy Maintenance

There is virtually no upkeep just an occasional wipe down with a damp rag.



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Adjustable Flame

You control the size of the flame you want when in use.

BTU Output 

This fireplace has a BTU output of 2100-2400 BTU’s per bottle.

Flickering Flame Effect

This fireplace offers flickering flame display giving you a more realistic looking flame. So it resembles more of an original fire.

Programmable Thermostat

This fireplace has a programmable thermostat for convenience.

Metal Construction

This fireplace is made of high quality durable stainless steel. It also adds to the beauty of this fireplace that will last over time.

Powder Coated Insert

The insert for this stove is powder coated for design and heat resistance.


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Partial Glass Panel

There is a glass panel located on the front for design as well as partial wind protection and safety.

Space Heating Capacity

This fireplace has a space heating coverage of 144 square feet.

No Electricity Needed

This wall mounted fireplace does not need gas or electric hookup. Which is great if there is a power outage you can still use it if needed.

90-Day Warranty

Comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s defect warranty.


  • Fireplaces overall measurements 19 inches high X 27.5 inches wide X 5 inches deep.
  • The total overall weight of this fireplace is 31 pounds.
  • Heating coverage area 144 square feet.
  • BTU output of 2100-2400 BTU’s per bottle.
  • Company of manufacture is Anywhere Fireplace.
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  • Ventless design, this fireplace does not require a vent since it omits no fumes, gases or smoke.
  • Eco-Friendly since it burns bio fuel ethanol, an easily renewable energy source. It is also clean burning so nothing harmful is omitted into the air. Also saving use on fossil fuels and trees that take years to replenish.
  • Fireplace is made of reliable and durable stainless steel. Which also adds to the beauty of the design.
  • Inset is powder coated for durability and heat resistance. It also adds a great color contrast making the color of the flames stand out.
  • Mounts on wall easily, fireplace also comes with mounting brackets needed.
  • Adjustable flame, you control the amount of flame that you want.
  • Snuffer included for putting flames out when done burning.
  • 90-day manufacturer defect warranty.


The lines are so clean and the curved front gives it a little bit of style without going overboard. The finish is black powder coated, almost giving it that machined look. It will fit into almost any décor since it is a neutral finish. The dark color chosen lets the full color of the flames shine brightly, stealing the show when in use. This is great for your home or business and it is a purchase you will be proud of.

This would also make a great gift for newlywed’s or for someone you know that would enjoy it as well. This would be a great choice even for those nights by the pool. In the recreation room, bedroom, living room, man cave and so much more. You may even decide after getting one that one is not enough. They are really a great asset and much less work then their other counterparts. You will also be doing your part for the environment and for the health and safety of yourself.

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