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If you are looking for a great Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplace as an alternative to a typical wood fireplace, this is it. This gel fireplace has the look of the real thing without all the things you don’t want. This fireplace is a great idea for those who are not set up for another type of fireplace or those who may not be able to due to where they live. One of the best things about this gel fuel fireplace is it can be moved from room to room if wanted.

Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplace

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They are not attached to any wires or a venting system. Gel fireplaces are great for the occasional user. Otherwise the more you use it the more gel you will have to buy, which can add up. However, since you are saving on maintenance on other types of fireplaces it may equal itself out.

Features I Love About This Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplace

Everything you purchase has features, some are just better than others. If you are not buying it person you may not know all of them until the item gets to you. So we are going to layout the information that you may be looking for. That way you can see everything it has to offer before it arrives at your door.

Uses Gel Fuel

Requires no electricity or gas to use. It burns gel fuel, which comes in a gel can.

Clean Burning

It burns gel fuel that burns clean, make sure you purchase the manufacturers recommendation for fuel. Otherwise use only top grade gel fuel, because some lower market may have additives.

Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplace

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Wood Construction

Mantle is constructed of solid wood and veneer for durability and strength.

Cast Concrete Logs

Features realistic painted cast concrete logs for design and durability over time.

Little to No Maintenance

Since this fireplace uses gel as a fuel source there is no soot, smoke, gases or fumes to clean up after. Only an occasion wipe down with a damp rag in most cases is sufficient. Only do after canisters are used up and cooled off, or cooled off if cleaning while there is still fuel.

Realistic Wood Burning Sound

If you are one who enjoys the sound of a wood fire, but not the maintenance. This fireplace does offer the realistic sounds you are looking for.

Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplace

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Decent Burning Time

The burning time provided is approximately up to 3 hours.

Spark Screen Kit

Fireplace comes with a screen to protect from spark emitted from flames.

Tested to Be Safe

The gel used for the fireplace that is recommended by manufacturer is tested by independent factories. So you know that the gel you are burning is safe for you and everyone else enjoying the fireplace.

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  • Overall Fireplace Dimensions: 41 in high X 48” wide X 13 inches deep.
  • Firebox Measurements Are: 19.68 inches high X 24.39 inches wide X 10 inches deep.
  • Overall Weight of Fireplace Is: 92.5 pounds.
  • Heating Coverage Area of: 220 square feet.
  • BTU Output: 3,000 BTU’s per can.
  • Fuel Needed: Gel cans, not included but can be purchased separately.
  • Origin of Manufacture: China
  • Company of Manufacture: Jensen Metal Products Inc.
  • Tools Needed For Assembly: Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Clean burning, uses nothing but the best in gel fuel that is tested at independent laboratories to assure safe burning.
  • Since it is clean burning it is easy cleaning as well. There is no soot, smoke or ash to clean up after. If a gel can is spilled, it can be wiped up if not ignited. The rest of the fireplace just needs a simple wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.
  • Puts out up to 3,000 BTU’s per gel can for a total of up to 9,000 BTU’s.
  • Realistic look, has a standard fireplace mantle size to resemble a real wood fireplace.
  • Logs are made of cast concrete for durability and longevity.
  • Firebox is constructed of powder coated steel for durability.
  • Mantle is made of solid wood and veneer for strength and design.
  • Beautiful white gloss finish, will fit into almost any decor.
  • Ventless, doesn’t require a venting system or a chimney. Doesn’t require electricity or gas either. Giving you plenty of choices for placement.


  • Heat output is not the best, so don’t rely on it for heating alone.

Final Insight

This Ventless Fireplace is a great choice when you are looking for occasional fire enjoyment. It will put out some heat, but don’t expect miracles. It looks just as beautiful when not in operation as it does in operation. Some may have a hard time realizing the difference unless up close and personal. This sits flush against the wall as well making it even harder to tell from the real vented counterpart. Even though it is a little on the heavier side, it is still light enough easily to move with one other person.

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