Ventless Fireplace Safety and Maintenance Tips

The electric ventless fireplace and ethanol burning ventless fireplaces are perfectly safe to operate in your home as long as you follow the manufacturer instructions, and guidelines. Many of us tend to open a package, set the appliance in the package up, and skip reading the owner’s manual that came with the appliance. We often assume that we can figure out how to operate the appliance and that the owner’s manual is a useless waste of our valuable time.

The truth is that the owner’s manuals that come with things like electric wall fireplaces contain valuable tips on how to operate the equipment safely in your home. You are putting yourself and your family in danger by not taking the time to read these instructions.

An electric ventless fireplace can be installed in a home, a recreational vehicle, a school, an office, or a dormitory. These appliances give you the enjoyment of watching flames dance as the unit emits the needed heat to take the chill out of the room. These heat sources are more appealing than normal electric space heaters because they are more aesthetically pleasing.

3 SIMPLE STEPS FOR fireplace safety

What is Ventless Fireplace Safety and Maintenance Tips

With any appliance there is some routine maintenance that will need to be performed. The following maintenance tips are generalized and you should refer to your instruction manual that came with your ventless fireplace to get the exact maintenance procedures you should follow.

  • Before you operate the ventless fireplace units each year make sure that you thoroughly clean it. Dust and grime can sometimes be fire hazards.
  • Check all wires and electrical plugs for any nicks in the wire before you plug the unit in.
  • Always test the ventless fireplace during a time when the heat source is not under high demand. Then if you are having problems you can deal with the issue before you need the heat.
  • Only used the approved fuels for the ventless fireplace unit that you have.

Fireplace Safety, What to Do ?

Some of the safety concerns people have over ventless fireplaces can be solved with simple precautions.

  • Make certain the ventless fireplace is standing on a level surface
  • Make certain that loose bed clothes, curtains, or other fabrics cannot come into contact with the appliance. Even if the appliance is a cool to the touch appliance, it is a good practice to not let loose materials drape over, or touch the ventless fireplace.
  • Never leave a ventless fireplace operating unattended. That means do not light the unit and leave home. That does not mean that you cannot step out of the room, but you should not leave a unit burning and go to the grocery store.
  • Make sure that the ventless fireplace is the correct distance from walls, furniture, or carpets.
  • Make sure the unit is not sitting close enough to combustible materials to cause them to blaze. Have all fuels, and highly flammable materials a safe distance from the ventless fireplace.
  • If you are burning an ethanol fueled ventless fireplace do not leave children in the room with the unit unattended. These types of fireplaces burn an efficient fuel that is smoke free, ash free and odor free, but they do still produce live flames that can create a fire hazard if not properly attended.
  • Close the fuel containers used to power ethanol ventless fireplaces properly so the fuel does not leak from them.
  • Do not touch the flames of an ethanol burning fireplace with your bare hands
  • Do not touch the burners of an ethanol burning fireplace immediately after extinguishing a flame
  • Plug electric ventless fireplace units directly into an outlet. You should not operate appliances like this from extension cords. Extension cords can become overloaded and they can start a fire.
  • Never let the cord of an electric ventless fireplace run under a rug or carpet. Electrical cords can become fire hazards when they are lying beneath carpeting.
  • Make certain that ventless fireplaces in homes with pets in them are positioned so they are not easy to overturn
  • Do not have an electric fireplace sitting close to a tub of water

Most of the safety regulations concerning ventless fireplaces are common sense things. If you read the owner’s manual you will find that the safety tips that will pertain to the exact unit that you have will be listed.

It is important to know the electric current that your ventless fireplace should be connected to before you buy. Many times people order items online and discover that the appliance is wired for the electrical currents in the United States and not for the ones in the United Kingdom, and vice versa.

Establish a level area for your fireplace unit, and if you hang it on a wall read the safety guidelines concerning what wall types to avoid, and always use the proper mounting brackets that are supplied with the device.

So guys, I am done for today about Ventless Fireplace Safety and Maintenance Tips, if I missed anything, I would love to know via comment and I will share that in my article.

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    Donald Patrick December 27, 2016 at 7:43 am

    Gas fireplaces ought to likewise be cleaned, serviced and checked frequently by an certified fireplace expert. Proper maintenance means that components, for example, the pilot light, start framework, venting, dampers and stack ought to all be examined regularly.

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