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This is a contemporary fireplace that looks great on any wall. The best feature about this Ventless Bio Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace is clean burning, so it is safe for you and the environment. There are no vents required so you can place this fireplace virtually anywhere your heart please. So you can put this fireplace in places you may have not been able to before. These are great for in living spaces that don’t have a fireplace or don’t allow for you to have a fireplace.

Wall Mount Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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This is sophisticated looking enough to easily use in a business or commercial place as well. The cost makes it cost efficient as well for your home or business. Since there is virtually no maintenance as there is with other burning methods, it will save you money too! Which everyone loves to do from time to time.

Features I Loved About This Ventless Bio Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace

Sure this vent free fireplace doesn’t look very complicated and it isn’t. However, you can’t tell everything about something just by the way it looks. So we are going to tell you about the things you can’t see and may want to know. The good, the bad and the specs so you don’t have to chase them down yourself. We want to see you save time and money. So let’s go ahead and talk about the features it has first.

Vent Less Design

This ethanol wall mounted fireplace design does not require a vent because it is clean burning. There is no harmful gases or smoke to vent.

Ventless Bio Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace

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Utilized Bio Fuel Ethanol

The fuel supply used in this fireplace is bio fuel ethanol. Great clean burning and renewable energy source.

Can Be Used in Outage

This fireplace doesn’t need any gas or electric. So if the power goes out you can still use this as a small heat and light source if needed.

Metal Construction

This fireplace is constructed of durable and reliable steel.

Adjustable Flame

You can adjust the flames to the amount you want at any given time.

Snuffer Included

When you are ready to put the flames out there is also a snuffer included.

Eco Friendly

Since this uses bio fuel ethanol it is clean burning releasing nothing into the air. It is also a renewable energy source that replenishes quickly.

Wall Mount Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace with Burner Insert

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Flickering Flame Effect

This fireplace also offers a flickering flame effect for a more realistic wood fire burning look.

Wall Hanging Design

Can hang on any flat surface wall, which gives you plenty of placement options.


  • Overall fireplace measurements 27.5 in X 5 in X 19 inches.
  • Total fireplace weight is 23 pounds.
  • Total shipping weight is 33.4 pounds.
  • Manufacturer company is SL Decor.
  • Country origin of manufacturer is China.
  • BTU output of 2100-2400 BTU’s per bottle of fuel.
  • Square heating footage is 144 square feet.
  • Fuel needed for fireplace is bio fuel ethanol.
  • Assembly is needed for this unit and tools are needed for assembly.
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  • Vent-less design, clean burning no gases or fumes that need to be vented out.
  • Uses bio fuel ethanol which emits no smoke, soot, ash or harmful fumes.
  • Adjustable flames, you control the amount of flame you want.
  • Snuffer included to put flames out when you want to.
  • ECO friendly since fuel is made from bio fuel ethanol. A renewable energy that releases nothing harmful into the environment.
  • Wall mounted, great for placing virtually anywhere saving you floor space.
  • Constructed of steel for durability and design.
  • Includes mounting hardware, so you have everything you need.
  • Quiet operation since it burns ethanol there is no snap, crackle or popping.
  • Beautiful curved design gives it that little bit of class.
  • 2100 -2400 BTU output.


  • No remote control to control flame.
  • Heat output is not that high, so don’t use it as a sole replacement for heating.

Final Insight

This futuristic looking fireplace will catch the attention of anyone’s eye. Especially since you can hang this one on the wall. So it can be placed higher than other types of fireplaces. It is also safer for those with pets and children, since you can place higher up. The black backdrop does a great job of showcasing the dancing flame show when in use. Even when not in use this wall mounted fireplace still gets attention. It will definitely be the centerpiece of any room that you decide to put it in.

The stainless steel will blend into virtually any decor with ease. The single glass pane is mainly for decor purposes and provides minimal wind blocking and safety. The fireplace has all smooth edges and feels smooth to the touch. The glass does get hot during operation, so use caution. Installation is easy and similar to installing a flat screen TV. The fireplace is relatively light but would recommend help due to bulky size having help moving or installing.

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