Rich Heritage 42 Inch Vent Free Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace





This classic but luxurious Heritage Oak Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace is worth looking at. Its clean edges and sharp lines, all perfect showing off its high quality design. The beautiful almost honey shaded color is a perfect fit for this dual fuel fireplace. It is on the larger size, so if you don’t mind a larger size your fine. The insert is black which compliments the shading of the wood just right.

Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace

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This fireplace does not come with a blower, but you can purchase one separately if you want to. It has a screen front not a glass one. The control panel is easy to use and is located in the front bottom. You can also control the heat with a thermostat there as well.

Features I Love About This Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace

So you want to know more about what it is your buying? Well we have taken out all that work for you. You just have to continue reading to find out all the great things this modern fireplace with classic design has for you. We think you will be pleased and will have one arriving at your door soon.

Duel Fuel Option

This fireplace has dual fuel technology, so it comes set up to work with LP or Natural Gas.

Wall or Corner Installation

This fireplace is also a great choice because you can install it in a corner or against a wall.

Vent-Free Option

This fireplace is vent free, meaning it doesn’t need to be vented like regular fireplaces. Giving you more freedom on location. While also making them more efficient.

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Electronic Ignition

This fireplace is ignited using an electronic spark ignition. Which also features an overheat switch as well.

Dual Burner Setup

This has a duel burner setup, giving you a great looking flame display.

Thermostat for Control

This fireplace offers up a thermostat so you have control over the amount of heat you need.

No Electricity Needed

This fireplace requires no electricity to operate, which is great because you can still use it during power outages.

Mesh Wire Door

The door on this fireplace is mesh wire, no glass.

ODS System

This fireplace has a built in ODS system, if the amount of oxygen drops to low in the air it shuts the fireplace down.

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2 Year Warranty

This fireplace comes with a decent 2-year warranty.


Overall fireplace measurements 42.25 in H X 42 in W X 29 in D.

Firebox measurements 25.5 H X 28.75 W X 14.58 D.

Screen measurements 14.75 in H X 25.5 in W.

Total weight of fireplace is 121 pounds.

Type of fuel needed for operation is LP or Natural Gas.

Maximum BTU output is 27500 BTU’s.

Assembly is required.

Dual burners in this fireplace.

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  • Vent-less design, no vent needed to operate. Gives more placement options and makes it more energy efficient.
  • Duel fuel option, this fireplace comes ready to be able to use with either LP or Natural Gas.
  • Wall or corner installation options.
  • Electronic spark ignition, with overheat safety switch.
  • Dual Burner for a larger looking fire.
  • No electric needed, so will still operate even if the power goes out.
  • Adjustable thermostat, you control the amount of heat you want.
  • Wood mantle construction, the mantel is made with high quality solid wood.
  • The inset is made of reliable and durable steel.
  • Insert is powder coated for durability, design and heat resistance.
  • Cost efficient, since there is no venting there is no heat loss through a venting system.
  • OSD system built in, if it senses two low of an oxygen level it will automatically shut the fireplace down.
  • Hefty BTU output at 27500 BTU’s.
  • Optional blower not included, but available for purchase separately.
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Doesn’t come with blower, but is available for purchase separately.
  • Very Heavy, so you will need help moving it anytime it needs to be moved.


You can’t go wrong with this gas fireplace when you want something that will last for years. This is easy to maintain and to clean. It does take air from the room and pull it into the unit. So if you have pets or lots of dust you may have to clean more frequently. Cleaning is as simple as wiping wooden mantel down with quality furniture polish. Then wipe down outside of insert with damp cloth. Then you can either vacuum out or blow out insert with can of air.

This would even be a great item for business or commercial use as well. If you want something that looks great while still being able to be functional. You could even display a few of your favorite things on top of the mantle since it doesn’t get hot. However, never put anything flammable on or around the fireplace. You will love the way this fireplace can tie everything together in a setting.

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