Ignis Liberty Portable Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace Review

This Portable Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace takes on a fuller design, that closely resembles a cradle style. It has metal part of the way up on each side finished up with glass to complete each side. The ends have metal that come up almost halfway. Which provide partial protection from the wind on each end. The base sits up off any surface it sits on by use of four small legs. It has a clean and white and glass design that will fit in anywhere and look great where ever it is put. When it is in use or not, it is an attention grabber.

Portable Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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This is a clean burning tabletop fireplace that is lightweight enough to be easily moved as well. Since it only weighs in at 7 pounds, it is easy for most people to move. It will fit on shelves, tables, counters. Anywhere that will accommodate its size with a little bit of room on each side for safety. It also burns clean keeping you and the environment healthy.

Features of This Portable Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This beautiful tabletop fireplace is something worth taking a look at. When you want to get down to the details though that is where you find out it is really for you. So we are going to provide you the information you are looking for, so you know exactly what it has. You are sure to find that it may offer more than you think.


This tabletop fireplace requires no vents to vent out fumes or smoke because there isn’t any.

ECO Friendly

Since this fireplace uses ethanol it burns clean, so it is great for the environment.


The design and the lightweight of this fireplace makes it easy to move from place to place.

Easy Clean & Easy Maintenance

It is easy to clean since it burns clean and there is no mess. All that is needed is a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time for dust, fingerprints and etc.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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Burn Time

This fireplace offers up to 3 hours burn time on a full fill.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity is 0.4 liters, which is on the smaller side but that is due to design needs.

Powder Coated Base

This vent-less fireplace has a powder coated base to protect from damage as well as being heat resistant.

Stainless Steel Construction

This burner is constructed of stainless steel for durability and design.

Includes Stainless Snuffer

This fireplace comes with a stainless steel snuffer to put the flames out when no longer wanted.

Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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  • Overall product measurements 13.4 inches X 8.3 inches X 6 inches.
  • Total weight of fireplace is 7 pounds.
  • Total shipping weight is 8.2 pounds.
  • Company of manufacture is Ignis.
  • Burn time of approximately 2 hours.
  • Fuel capacity of 0.4 liter.
  • Fuel supply used is bio fuel ethanol. Fuel does not come with it, but can be purchased separately.


  • Two glass walls for wind protection and design.
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and design.
  • Included stainless steel snuffer, to put the flames out when needed.
  • Powder coated finish for protection and heat resistance.
  • Clean burning so there is no soot, ashes, wax or harmful gases.
  • Easy maintenance and cleanup, since it is a clean burning vent-less fireplace there is no mess. Just wipe down occasionally with a damp cloth for dust, fingerprint and environmental things.
  • Easy to assemble, comes in three pieces.
  • Portable design, this fireplace is designed to be portable and since it is lightweight it makes it easy to move from place to place.
  • Quiet burning, there is not any crackling or popping since this is not alcohol based.

Final Insight

This is a great design since it provides partial wind protection from all four sides. The metal comes up half way on each end. On each side you have full height protection from metal and glass sides. This is a clean burning unit that you can be proud to use. You will get a full flame display that is quiet and enjoyable to watch. Many will sure enjoy the show it puts on every time you light it. Even when it is not in operation, it looks great anywhere you want to put it.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, but it is not recommended to leave outside when not in use. Since the outdoor elements might not be so friendly. This is a great fireplace to use as an accent piece as well for weddings, business and other venues where they would look great. They are affordable as well as reasonable to operate cost wise. So they are even a great option for business applications as well. So this is a great versatile item for many situations. You won’t have any regrets adding this to your décor, the only regret you would have is not adding this to your decor.

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