Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Gas Fireplace Dual Fuel 35 Inch





This Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Gas Fireplace has beautiful dark beauty which is definitely easy on the eyes with its simplistic design. It is not overly decorated but it doesn’t need to be. Keeps most of your attention where it should be which is one the flame show it puts on. This one is especially good for those looking for one a little bit smaller in size. Since it comes in at 35 inches, it is big enough to provide sufficient heat but still fits in a smaller spot.

Pleasant Hearth Vent-Free Dual Fuel Fireplace in Rich Heritage

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Also the mantle does stay cool, so you could probably put something on it if you like. However, don’t put anything on or around it that is flammable. This fireplace does not have a glass door it features a metal mesh front. So you can get the most out of the heat it provides.

Features I Love About This Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Gas Fireplace

This has many features that you may find useful, but you won’t know unless you know what they are right? So we are going to let you know what they are, so you don’t have to spend the time to find the information out. You will definitely not be disappointed in what this beautiful fireplace and how it will look in your home.

Duel Fuel Technology

This fireplace allows you to use either LP or Natural Gas to supply it.

Pleasant Hearth Ventless Dual Fuel Fireplace in Rich Heritage

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Corner or Wall Installation

It can be installed against a wall or in a corner giving you many placement options.

Vent Free Design

It has a vent-less technology design no venting is needed! Opening up even more placement ideas.

Very Efficient

Since there is no vent required, you are not losing heat through the venting system.

Electronic Ignition

This fireplace ignites with an electronic spark ignition, that also has an overheat safety switch.

Dual Burners

This features dual burners for a better burning display.

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This fireplace has an adjustable thermostat, so you can control the amount of heat.

Optional Blower

It does not come standard with a blower, but there is one available for purchase separately.

Good BTU Output

It puts out a good BTU amount at 20,000 BTU’s.

Zero Clearance Design

This fireplace is designed for zero clearance meaning there is no need for space between the back of the unit and the wall.

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

This fireplace comes with a respectable 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Gas Fireplace

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  • Overall fireplace measurements are 35.8 X 29.5 X 38.8 inches.
  • Total weight of fireplace is 98 pounds.
  • Total shipping weight of fireplace is 115 pounds.
  • Company of manufacture is GHP Group, Inc.
  • Origin country of manufacture is China.
  • Fuel types used by fireplace LP or Natural Gas.
  • BTU output is 20,000 BTU’s.
  • Operated by control panel on the front bottom of unit.


  • Vent-less design, doesn’t require a venting system to vent off smoke or gases.
  • Dual fuel option, so you can use either LP or Natural Gas.
  • Dual burner for larger more realistic flame.
  • Electronic ignition, spark ignite with overheat safety switch.
  • Efficient, no wasted heat since there is no vent. So you get to enjoy up to 99.9% of the heat produced by the fireplace.
  • Thermostat control, you can set the amount of heat you want to enjoy. Thermostat is controlled via the control panel on the bottom front of fireplace.
  • Fireplace puts out 20,000 BTU’s which is great for medium to slightly large area.
  • Optional blower available, you can purchase a blower separately if you so choose.
  • Wood constructed mantle and durable steel constructed burn box.
  • Corner or wall installation, which is great for those who may still be unsure of location.
  • Zero clearance, it fits tight against the wall.


  • Not good for very small areas, since there needs to be ample space for proper air exchange.
  • Blower does not come with but can be purchased separately.


This Pleasant Hearth Vent Free Gas Fireplace is a great choice when you are looking for something modern but classy.  The fireplace can be placed in many areas of your home or business, just as long as there is proper air exchange. It is simple to clean and maintain. If you get a lot of dust or pet hair or dander it may need more frequent cleaning. The dark beautiful stain is a perfect fit for this fireplace, reminiscent of medium dark tobacco.

You will be happy when you see the money you will save on your heating. If you are looking at purchasing just for the enjoyment of an occasional fire, you won’t be disappointed. This one is so realistic looking that it will be hard to tell it isn’t a normal wood burning stove. It also is quiet as well and no worries about ash, sparks or smoke as well. Just the dancing for pure clean flames dancing within the realistic painted logs. The logs even have that charred look for a more realistic look.

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