Ignis Mika Black Ceramic Tabletop Vent Free Ethanol Fireplace

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Ignis Mika Black Ceramic Tabletop Ventless Fireplace is the best collection for you house. It not just a fireplace it also a show piece for your house. It’s a new innovative design by Ignis. It’s a Ventless Tabletop Fireplace. This fireplace has no chimney. It reduces your maintenance costs.

Ceramic is one of the oldest mixtures of clay. Many goods are made by ceramic. Ignis made their Tabletop Ventless Fireplace by ceramic. It’s really beautiful too see. This fireplace increasing your home beauty. You can use it anywhere you need. It will protect you from winter. This Tabletop Ventless Fireplace needs a small space. It’s perfect for small house, hotels room, restaurant etc.

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Tabletop Bio Ethanol fireplaces are used in living room, dining room, and reading room. If you have a balcony you can also use it in there. A Tabletop Fireplace also usable for an office or a conference room. You can be placed it anywhere like indoor or outdoor. It doesn’t require any installing like gasoline pipe, electric lines etc. It burns with ethanol fuel. It has 70ml fuel capacity which gives you 1 hour warm per refill.

In winter, people buy a fireplace for protecting them. Different types of fireplace are available in the market. But all are not equally same. You should buy the best one. Ignis Tabletop Ventless Fireplace fills all your required which you need. It will provide you a warm weather.

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Ignis designed it by high-quality ceramics. It has no glasses around it. So be careful when it burn. Because when it burn its flame reaches up to 12″ inches which is very much danger for you. Using of ethanol  fuel it doesn’t produce any smoke or ashes. This fireplace is also called Eco-smart fireplace. It doesn’t generate any toxic smoke. As a result, it doesn’t harmful for your health and environment. It only emits carbon dioxide.

These Ventless Fireplaces maintain your room temperature which provides you a warm weather. Keep fireplace away from children. Don’t use fireplace for any cooking purpose. When you burn a Ventless Fireplace please be aware of it. Because a simple mistake of your life could be in danger. Do not leave an open fireplace in anywhere. Don’t use Ventless Fireplace in a bathroom. Never fill the fuel bottle when it burn. Use only recommended fuel.

Last winter I bought a Ceramic Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace which protect me from winter. So I suggest you if you want to buy a fireplace you should buy Ceramic Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace.

Product Specification

  • Dimensions: 10″ x 9″ x 5.5″
  • Capacity: 0.07 Liters
  • Burn Time – 1 Hour per Refill
9.2 Total Score

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