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Don’t want to deal with the mess of conventional methods of enjoying a fire? Well you don’t have to now that there’s a better, cleaner alternative. That alternative is the Black Lexington Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace. A beautiful vent-less tabletop fireplace. The reason it is called a tabletop fire pit is simply because of its portable design. Making it able to be placed virtually anywhere due to its space saving modern design. This is sophisticated and beautiful and will be a great asset to any decor.

Black Lexington Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

This will give you a clean burning fire with no mess and virtually no maintenance. It is also better for you since there are no harmful fumes or gases to inhale. The environment will thank you for the same reason. This needs no vent, so you can place this virtually anywhere in your home or business without a vent preventing you from doing so.

Features of This Black Lexington Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Surely you may have a few questions about this product, and we are not going to make you spend precious time to find answers to them. We are going to provide the answer to most, if not all of your questions, by providing the features for you. That way you know when it arrives on your door step that it is exactly what you expected.

Powder Coating

The Black Lexington Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace base is powder coated to protect it from damage and to make it heat resistant.

High Gloss Finish

This fireplace is powder coated then finished off with high gloss finish.

Bio Fuel Ethanol

This vent-less fireplace uses ethanol as a fuel supply.

Eco Friendly Fireplace

Since it is clean burning, it doesn’t omit any harmful gases or fumes to the environment.

No Mess

Since this burns clean there is no residue, soot, oil, ashes or anything else to clean up.

Easy Cleaning

This beautiful fireplace just needs a basic wipe down with a damp rag from time to time.

Requires No Vent

Since there are no gases, fumes or smoke there is no need for a vent.

Tempered Glass Panels

This vented fireplace features two tempered glass panels. They served as a wind resistor and is part of the beautiful clean design.

Cool Base Bottom

The base on this fireplace will stay cool, so it can be placed on any surface.

Stainless Steel Construction

The base and the single burner are constructed from reliable stainless steel.

Space Heating Area Coverage

This can warm up a space up to 375 square feet.

90-Day Warranty

This portable fireplace comes with a 90 day manufacturer defect warranty.


  • Overall fireplace measurements 9.5 inches high X 19.5 inches wide X 8 inches deep.
  • Total weight of portable fire place is 9 pounds.
  • Fuel used for supply is ethanol, an eco-friendly bio fuel.
  • BTU Output of 8000 BTU’s. This fireplace utilizes one burner.


  • Clean burning since it uses ethanol as the fuel supply.
  • No odors, gases, smoke or fumes that can make you sick or cause buildup after a while.
  • Both glass panels are made of tempered glass for your safety.
  • Stainless steel was used for the base and the burner for this fireplace.
  • Modern design that will fit into many different design styles.
  • Snuffer is included for extinguishing flames.
  • Powder coated for heat resistance and durability.
  • No mess to clean up like with other fire methods.
  • Just a simple wipe down.
  • No noise flame, just enjoy the beautiful dance of the flames.
  • Provides warmth to up to 375 square feet of space.


  • Has a minimal burn time, but still reasonable for most.
  • Only offers a partial barrier from the wind.

Final Thoughts

The Black Lexington Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace is a great fireplace to lay back and relax to every night. You can also just use it on special occasions. It is a great vent-less fireplace that can be used as often or as little as you like. You will love the extra touch this provides to your décor. This will look great lit or just sitting placed anywhere in your home or business. You will be pleased with the beautiful show of flames it provides you.

You can enjoy this beautiful vent-less fireplace indoors or outdoors. So you can sit on the patio enjoying the warmth of the fire, while gazing at the stars in the sky. You can also use it as the centerpiece of your table for dinner with your friends. It will surely be the talk of the table and get conversations rolling. Someone you know getting married and you are not sure what to buy? This would make a great wedding gift for those newlyweds. They will surely make great use of it time and time again and it will be the one gift that they decide to hang on to.

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