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Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Are you looking for a safer cleaner alternative to a wood fireplace? Maybe something that will help you save some much needed floor space. Then this wall mounted contemporary gel fireplace is just what you need. Since it is a wall mount it brings it up off the floor, giving you a more comfortable view. No more having to look at a downward angle. At 29 inches wide it makes it a great middle size, not too big or small.

It is also a clean burning fireplace, so no worries about harmful fumes or the mess of ash or soot. That is why there is no venting or chimney needed for this fireplace. Which is also great because you can use this fireplace in virtually any room. This fireplace uses gel fuel cans, which are easy to replace as well.

Features I Loved About This Contemporary Gel Fireplace

This fireplace has some great features that you can see and not see. We want to make sure you know all of them so you know what you are buying before you get it. We want your experience to be a pleasurable when shopping online. Shopping online you tend to get some great deals and this fireplace is no exception.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

This great wall mount fireplace is designed to be able to use both indoors and outdoors. Giving you some really great placement options.

Clean Burning

This fireplace utilizes an alcohol based gel fuel for fuel supply. It conveniently comes in a can ready to use when needed. It omits no soot, smoke, fumes, ash or gas making it safe for both you and the environment.

Ventless Design

Since the fireplace is clean burning, no chimney or venting system is needed to remove harmful gases, fumes or smoke.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is a breeze since there is no soot, smoke or ash there is nothing to clean up except occasional environmental things such as dust and fingerprints. A simple wipe down with a damp rag and that is it.

Simple Maintenance

There is very little if any maintenance with this fireplace. Since it doesn't use motors, fans, electrical or gas components. Just an occasional check of the mounts and general visual check of the fireplace and that is it.

Average Burn Time for a Gel Fireplace

Burn time is up to 3 hours per full gel can.

Control Over Size

You cannot control the actual flames themselves, but you can choose if you want to light one can, two cans or all three.

Realistic Flames and Sounds

If you enjoy the look and the sounds of a wood fireplace but not everything else entailed in it. That is ok, because this offers the most realistic flames you can experience closest to a wood fire. It also provides that crackling and popping sound that most enjoy about a real wood fire.

Metal Construction

The fireplace is constructed of durable steel for design and function. The outer part of the fireplace is constructed of stainless steel for a modern clean look. The inner backdrop is made of powder coated steel for heat resistance and color contrast.

Fiberglass Backing

There is fiberglass backing for protection on side that goes against wall.


Overall product measurements are 6 inches X 29.5 inches X 24 inches.

  • Overall weight of fireplace is 31 pounds.
  • BTU output per gel can is up to 3,000 BTUs.
  • Burn time of up to 3 hours per can.
  • Fuel used is clean burning gel can fuel, none is included but can be purchased separately. Requires 3 fuel cans for full display but can light as many as you want to.
  • Fiberglass insulation on side facing wall.


  • Ventless, requires no chimney or venting system since there is no smoke or harmful gases.
  • Easy cleaning since there is no mess like with a standard wood burning fireplace. An occasional wipe down with a damp rag is all you need in most cases.
  • Durable metal construction, stainless steel outer and powder coated steel back drop.
  • Included snuffer for putting the flames out when done using.
  • Safe for the environment and you since there are no toxins released into the air.
  • Hangs easily on the wall, similar to hanging up a picture.
  • Looks and sounds like a traditional wood fire. The flames produced are as similar as you can get. Since this fireplace uses a alcohol based fuel you will still get the crackling and snapping that most fire lovers love.
  • Features 3 burners, use one or use them all it is your call.


  • Don't expect to be a sole source for heat, it will put out some but not a lot.


This is a beautiful wall mounted gel fireplace that will look great anywhere you want to put it. Since it can be used indoors and outdoors you have plenty of places to choose from. You can now enjoy a safe beautiful fire where ever you want and when you want.

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