6 Best Small Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2018

If you are like most people you are probably thinking....

I need a big house or room so that I can have an electric fireplace. Well, there is some little truth in that. But what is important is that today...I want to solve that little problem for you.

There is a small electric fireplace for your small little cute room. You actually don't have to move to a big house or deny yourself the excitement of seeing those flickering flame dance in beautiful screen.

With a small electric fireplace, you can turn any room into a cozy and warm place, because they are portable.

How I Picked These 6 Small Electric Fireplace

I didn't just Google for the keyword small electric fireplace and throw a bunch of a 2000 word article on the space like most reviewers.

I had to use specific criteria to determine if the small electric fireplace was ideal for a small room. When doing my search, I narrow down to factors such as the amount of heat it produces and how many square feet it can hit the room.

A small electric fireplace must not produce large amounts of heat because, if you have an extremely warm room it can cause respiratory problems for you. To come up with these 6 small electric fireplaces, I checked factors like price, heat capacity, energy efficient, LED technology, design and other features.

So that you don't to search on the internet to read another review about choosing a small electric fireplace.

Here is my ultimate list of 6 small electric fireplace.

FIREBIRD Freestanding Portable Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

Have you ever thought of having a night of seeing sensational flickering flames giving a beautiful dance while you watch your favorite movie?

Well, the FIREBIRD is a fireplace that will bring that reality to your living room.

It is a nice fireplace that even your little cat will love getting warm from as they watch the flame dance in great amazement.

Freestanding Portable Tempered Glass Electric Fireplace

The good thing that I love about this fireplace is that it comes with energy efficient LED light that will make you save a lot in your electricity bill.

If you don't believe it, wait till, you get your first electricity bill.

Features of the fireplace

  • Comes with a safety thermal cut off device.
  • It can produce 5200 BTU.
  • Portable fireplace that you can move it in any room.

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Things That I Like

  • No installation: You know how tiresome it can be to install an electric fireplace. Well, this fireplace is portable. All you need is to unpack and install it where you want it to be.
  • Heat capacity: Well, it can heat up to 400 square foot space. This is a generous amount of heat that a small room need to be cozy.

Things that I didn't like

Well, the unit is so small, the company could have increased the width or length of the unit a little bit. I wish all the control setting could have been located in one specific place.

​For example, you will find that the control settings are located under the drawer, while the switch is next to the heater.

Comfort Glow Mini Hearth, Wood Grain, 4,100 BTU- EMF160

A well-constructed fireplace that is perfectly designed to heat up small room and bring that beautiful feel in the winter.

You will love this super small fireplace, because you can place it any room that you want and it will add a nice spice. It brings out realistic flames that are enchanting to look.

Comfort Glow Mini Heart Wood Grain

Features of the fireplace

  • This is a super small electric fireplace, perfect for any person that has a small room even the elderly.
  • The fireplace gives you the option to adjust the flame settings of your choice. You can set low, high or no heat.
  • It can heat up to 2500 square feet space, making it ideal for to be used in condos, apartment and any small room.
  • Comes with safety features such auto-shut off device.

Things That I Like

  • Heat: This fireplace takes 30 minutes to warm up a small room. It produces a good amount of heat.
  • Small: It is super-duper small.

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Things that I didn't like

Although it has an auto-shut device, it lacks the thermostat. That means, the heat can't be shut off automatically when the required temperature is reached.

Because of that, you will need to be cautious when sleeping while the heater is on.

Comfort Glow Mini Hearth - Black - 4,100 BTU- EMF161

The comfort glow mini hearth fireplace adds a nice ambiance to a small apartment. This an adorable fireplace that gives a realistic fire flame.

If you want to catch the attention of your pet or visitors, then you will enjoy having this kind of fireplace.

Comfort Glow Mini Hearth Black

Features of the fireplace

  • It is a super duper small fireplace that can be put in any room
  • Gives superb realistic flames.
  • Comes with 3 settings to control the heat and the flame.

Things that I like

  • Heat: I will give this fireplace a great plus, because it puts out plenty of heat and it is not noisy like other fireplace in the market.
  • Portable: You can move this fireplace to any room that you want.
  • 3 Settings: Give you three options to control and adjust the heater. You can put it low, high or no heat.
  • Automatic safety device: The good thing about this advice it its ability to turn off the heat, if the heater gets hot for no reason.

Things that I didn't like

Lacks a thermostat to control the temperature of the room. You have to manually turn it off, when the desired temperature is reached.

Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Maxwell Electric Stove with Heater - Black

Want to greet your visitors with a charm ambiance and give your room that warm touch.

Then you will love this brand from from Duraflame. It produces very relaxing flames to watch at.

The fireplace unit is also cool enough to touch, that means it is 100% safer for your kid and pet.

Duraflame Maxwell Electric Stove with Heater

Features of the fireplace

  • The 4600 BTU produces a generous amount of heat to heat up a 400 square foot space. Which means it is an ideal fireplace for small rooms.
  • You will be amazed with the realistic flames and glowing embers that are enchanting to see.
  • This fireplace is 100% safe for kids and pets. Thanks to overheat protection feature that it comes with.
  • This a metallic constructed fireplace with an operational door and upgraded handle.

>> Check More Specifications of This Product <<

Things that I like

  • Logs: When you look at the fireplace, you will love it for one reason. The logs resemble the lava flow in a hot volcano.
  • The flame: Its flame has different patterns that appear random, which makes it fascinating to look at.
  • Heat: When this fireplace produces 4600 BTU of heat, you may think that it heats too much to burn your carpet. But no, it is a decent amount of heat that can't burn anything in your room.

Dimplex CS-12056A Compact Electric Stove

The Dimplex electric fireplace provides great ambience for watching TVs, falling asleep and relaxing.

The surprising thing about the dimplex electric fireplace is a great energy saver when it comes to consumption of electricity.

Dimplex CS-12056A Compact Electric Stove

If you want my number recommendation for a small electric fireplace, then you can't wrong with dimplex electric fireplace.

Features of the fireplace

  • It is a compact electric fireplace that heats up space up to 400 square feet.
  • Features a quiet fan forced heater with a high/low setting for optimum heat distribution. It also comes with no heat option for your enjoyment.
  • Looking at the measurement, it measures 12 inches high, 2 inch deep and 12.4 inches wide. It weighs roughs 28 pounds, which makes it very easy for an elderly to carry it.
  • It utilizes less heat energy. It consumes about 10% of electricity compared to gas.
  • The dimplex fireplace produced realistic flames.

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Things that I like

  • Superior quality flame: It is well-constructed with tough steel which gives the fireplace a durable, high-end finish that will make sure that your last long with the product.
  • Easy to set-up: You don't need professional to put install the fireplace. A complete ventless fireplace. All you need is to plug the entire system into one of the 120 volt outlets available in the room.
  • Handy remote control: You will find that most small electric fireplace has no remote control. The good news is that this one...has one. You can use to control and adjust any setting at the comfort of your sofa.
  • Consume less energy: On average this electric fireplace consumes 1% per hour with flame, which translates 9 cents per hour when both the heat and flame are in use.

Things that I didn't like

The on/off and the high/low button are located at the bottom of the fireplace. Because of that you have to be on your knees just to switch the fireplace on.

Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

The fire sense black wall mounted electric fireplace will provide you with a beautiful and calming relaxation experience.

With these fireplaces come the realistic flames that will add exciting allure to your small living space.

Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Unlike other small fireplace, this one is metallic construction, which means you will stay with it for a very long time.

Features of the fireplace

  • It has a 6-feet cord which can plug to any room and there you have your fireplace.
  • Comes with the on/off switch for the heat and the switch.
  • The fireplace produces 1400 watts and has an internal safety shut off sensor. Which makes this fireplace perfectly safe for kids and pets.
  • The fireplace is fully integrated with glass front on its full metal construction.

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Things that I like

  • Automatic timer: The automatic timer shuts the whole fireplace when you are not using it.
  • Level of comfort: The fireplace comes with multiple settings of heat that will provide you the desired level of comfort that you need.
  • Has simple handy remote control: The fireplace has a handy remote control that you can use to control and adjust everything at the comfort of your sofa without moving.

Things that I didn't like

The blower of this fireplace is a bit noisy. There has to be a built-in diverter that serves the role of redirecting air, so that the heat does not shoot straight up.

But to solve this problem, all you need is buy a deflector and attach at the top.

I Love This Small Warmer

The good thing about having an electric fireplace, is that they are portable. You can travel with it or even go camping with it.

Unlike a freestanding electric fireplace that have to be put in one position.

Also, this small warmer happen to be using less energy compare to the standard electric fireplace.

Having an addition of this small electric fireplace will give your house an amazing nice ambiance that you will love.

Large electric fireplace

Are you looking to upgrade your house? Then you will love the sensation of having a large electric fireplace.

In the review, you get to know some of the best large electric fireplace in the market.

You will get to know the fascinating thing about them, why i picked them, the limitation they have.

Plus my top recommendation.

White or black?

Do you like the ivory finish or the old black spectacular finish? Here I cut through the noises and show you the best electric fireplace that you can choose to blend with your decor.

In this review, you will find the top selling ivory or white electric fireplace in the market and bloody, black electric fireplace. The good thing about these colors is that they can blend with almost anything.

But in this review I singled out the best for you. Not in terms of price but quality. By now you have an idea of which small electric fireplace, you want to choose.

But let me tell you something...You may be discouraged by some of the limitations each product has. Let's face it.... there is no perfect product in the world. They all have one or two limitations.

But the most important thing is that they add that nice touch of ambience to your living space. My advice...Get the small electric fireplace and learn to live with the limitation.

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