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You hear a late night commercial and wonder, what exactly is a Procom heater?

The good news: I'll give you a walk-through to something that is keeping you awake at night (The Procom heater). You're gonna love this because I'm going to take you on an incredible journey to show you some of the best heaters that this company is making.

I happen to have a love for their heaters because they make incredible products and I own one of their brands. Just like me, you may be having a thought....

Does Having a Procom Heater or Stove More Beneficial Than A Traditional Fireplace?

Well, I have the answer for this question, because at one time, I happen to own both. And I can tell you the advantages of having a stove or heater that will outweigh an electrical fireplace.

Let's look at a couple of them...

  • Efficient!!! Efficient!!! Efficient: You know that a traditional fireplace uses wood, which you can use very easily. They have one problem; they can only heat a single room. While having a stove or heater will produce more heat and its energy is efficient. The stove will use 1/3 less wood for heat.
  • Safety: Here is where the heater or stove gets a big plus. A traditional fireplace emits more toxins than a stove. I won't dismiss that both fireplaces produce Carbon monoxide.
    But what I am glad about most is that stoves and heaters come with a thermostat. With a thermostat you can heat the room to your required temperature and then the heater will shut off automatically. This is unlike a traditional fireplace where you have the worry of putting it out.
  • Maintenance: With a traditional fireplace you will regularly clean soot, ashes and burned-out logs. Apart from that you will still need a professional to install it for you.
    On the other hand a heater or stove is easier to maintain. You don't need to actually clean the mess or soot every time. Neither do you need a chimney to let out smoke or soot.

About Procom Brand

When looking for a brand to buy in a duel ventless heater or stove, my advice is always clear....Go with the best. You can't go wrong with having the best brand in the market offering state of the art options. No one brings more innovation to their fireplaces than Procom Heater.

It has been in the forefront of producing the world's leading heating appliances for 20 years. That means you will be buying a gas heater from a Company that has been undergoing constant innovation and improvement to make their product the best in the market.

For that reason, it is clear that if you owned even any heating appliance from this company, you won't regret your decision. To even sweeten the deal, this article will show you some of the best Procom heaters that you can buy.

Let's discover each unique feature in every one of its heaters so that you can make an informed decision.

Procom Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove | 25000 BTU | Modal QD250T

ProCom Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove

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This is a traditional style stove that requires no wood or electricity. The Procom class stoves use propane or natural gas, therefore making it a clean-burning unit.

With these Procom classic stoves, you will never have to worry about cold evenings due to power outages.


  • This stove works with a blower, which you will have to buy separately.
  • With these stoves you have the option of either choosing propane or gas.
  • Your safety is 100% guaranteed thanks to the oxygen depletion sensor included with this stove.
  • Comes already assembly, meaning you won't spend a countless number of hours on installation.
ProCom Dual Fuel Stove
  • Thermostat: Well, with this stove, you have a thermostat. It will make sure that once your room reaches the required temperature, it shuts off automatically.
  • Flames: The fireplaces come with flickering, dancing flames that are delightful to watch in the evenings.
  • Heat: The stoves put out a decent amount of heat that can even dry your clothes.

Things That I Don't Like

The blower is sold separately with a stove, but it produces noise anyway. For a better experience, I think it will be best if you abandon it.

Procom Blue Flame Vent-free Wall Heater | 30,000 BTU output

Do you live in a home  less than a 1000sq ft? If so, you will like this source of heating as it does a fantastic job of keeping you and your family warm. It comes with the option of choosing between a propane fireplace or natural gas fireplace.

Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater
  • Comes with a thermostat.
  • Safe for kids and pets, because it's cabinet is cool to touch.
  • You have a regulator that prevents over-firing.
  • Assembly is not necessary as it arrives put together, this means you won't spend countless number of hours on installation.

Things That I Like

  • 30,000 BTU: The heater produces 30, 000 BTU's; enough to produce heat that can travel to adjacent rooms.

Things That I Don't Like

If you place this heater above the wall, it will get hot very fast.

Procom Vent-free Propane Ice House Heater | 10,000 BTU

A perfect heater for an ice house or hunting shacks that occupy a space of only 300 sq. ft. This one comes with a thermostat to put everything under your control. With its regulator and gas supply, you don't have to buy them separately. You get them all once you make your purchase of this fireplace.

  • Economical: With these fireplaces, you have the ability to save on propane gas as it shuts down to pilot when it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Two stop points: The main role of this point is to cause a depression on the knob. What this means is that...there is a shallow point that you can turn on to move the temperature up high and pilot point to stop the temperature from going beyond.

Procom Vent-free Dual Fuel Infrared Radiant Wall Heater

The infrared radiant wall heater, maybe the one thing that you need to keep your entire house warm during those cold winter nights. The heater does a nice job of producing 18,000 BTU enough to keep you and your entire family warm.

ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Infrared Radiant Wall Heater
  • You won't have any problems installing this fireplace, because it doesn't require a chimney or vent. Everything comes assembled.
  • You will have to purchase the blower and base accessories separately.
  • The ignition comes with a no-brainer push button.
  • There is no need for electricity

Things That I Like

  • Heat: It produces a good amount of heat.

Things That I Don't Like

I have a problem with only one thing, the fan produces a little bit of noise which can be annoying.

Procom Dual Fuel Vent-Free Blue Flames Garage Heater | 30,000 BTU

ProCom Dual Fuel Vent Free Blue Flame Garage Heater

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With the heater comes the 30,000 BTU that can heat up the room to get you the warmth you want and as a result, offering you a fantastic job of reducing your energy bills.


  • You get oxygen depletion sensors
  • Comes with the automatic thermostat blower.
  • The technology used to make this fireplace, make it easier for you to use either propane or natural gas.
procom heater
  • Installation: You won't face a problem installing this fireplace.
  • The fuel: Two options of fuel (natural gas or propane) promote a clean burning performance

Things That I Don't Like

It doesn't come with a fabricated stand, so you will have to look for a foot so that you can mount it to the wall.

Vent Free Heater Safety

You've may hear a lot being talked about with these heaters. Some of which are true, other hearsay. I can promise you one thing...the vent free heaters that we review don't generate high amounts of water vapor that can lead to molds as you may have heard.

Apart from that, most of these heater pass rigorous certification by CPSC, ANSI and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Things To Consider When Buying A Duel Fuel Vent Free Heater

Are you in the market to buy a dual fuel vent free heater? Then please enjoy reading this small guide to help you learn whether or not  you'd like to own these heaters or not. Most importantly, whether a certain heater can really meet your needs or not.

  • Room Type: Most heaters or stove produces enough amount of heat. Unlike any electric fireplace that don't generate that much. If you want to only use it to heat the bathroom then you will need a heater that can heat up to 150 sq.ft .If you want to warm your bedroom then a heater that heats up to 300 sq. ft will be ideal for you. Suppose you have a large room, then you will need a heater that heat up to 800 sq.ft
  • Model: The duel vent free fireplace comes in three kinds of model, all you need is to select your preferences of what you need. You have the option of choosing between propane, gas or both.
  • Certification: Each duel vent free heater comes with certification. When buying this any of this heater, you want to check if they bear any sticker. Any heater that you choose should have passed CPSC, ANSI or PFS, safety test. Otherwise, you will be buying a heater that can cause havoc in your house.
  • Safety Measures: The features that the heater comes with is very vital. Every heater needs to have an oxygen depletion sensor that serves the role of reducing reduction of oxygen. Then after it will turn the heater off. A thermostat is also a very important feature to consider because it will help to control and regulate the temperature of the room.
  • Amount of Heat: The amount of heat produced by the heater will depend on the size of the room that you have. Each heater produced different British Thermal Unit(BTU). If choosing a heater that produces 30,000 btu, then you will need a large room.
    Most heaters start at 6000 btu all the way up. But my caution to you is first to have a profession measure the size of your room before buying a heater. A professional will give you a thorough guidance on what to do.

Final Thoughts

Procom heater is arguably the best heater because they meet all the safety standards. Which will fade away any doubts and give you lots of confidence.

The good news is that if you are looking to buy one... you can always choose from our pick.​

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