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I know you have been searching for some information on Dimplex electric fireplace because it is hard to find reliable information on this famous brand of residential heaters, popular for its unique realistic flame.

In this page I'm going to show you some facts you should be looking for when choosing a model. This page will give you an overview of the good and the bad about Dimplex Electric Fireplaces.

By the end of it you'll know everything you need to know to to pick it up for yourself, or forget about it if it's not.​

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Guide

When it comes to choosing the right fireplace for you, you must take into account different factors so that you won't be disappointed for a wrong choice later.​

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces Come in Different Formats.

  • Free Standing
  • Insert
  • Wall Mounted
  • Corner Fireplace
  • Modern Design
  • Traditional Design
  • Portable

By combining more criteria together, you can get the right fireplace for you, depending on your furniture layout or style.

Match Your Room Area With the Fireplace Output.

The larger the room, the higher the BTU, obviously. Do not let personal preferences of style make you choose an underpowered or overpowered fireplace.

Here on the right a chart showing the ideal BTU rate depending on the size of your room.

Dimplex Fireplace

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the measure unit used to calculate the capacity required for heating or air conditioning. When you find a fireplace that you like, first off check its BTU against this chart to check whether it's right or not for the size of your room.​

Buy From a Reputable Store With Excellent History Records of Good Customer Service, Prompt Delivery, Warranty.

As much as manufacturers strive for optimal production with flawless designs, or as much as distributors take extra care in the shipments of products, it is a fact of life that sometimes things may not go as planned. There is nothing more frustrating than having a product delivered late or damaged or faulty and being met with deaf ears or poor service. Make sure to deal with reputable stores only.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert - 30 inch

This Dimplex electric fireplace inserts measures 30 inches. Apparently, it is one of the best selling inserts with many satisfied customers. Dimplex claims a BTU of 5115, it comes with a remote control and weighs 60 lbs.

It is different from other inserts in that it has a modern, contemporary design, offering style with coziness. The famous Optiflame is so realistic that some people cannot believe the flame is electric.

According to the manufacturer, it is very easy to install, and in fact some people even used it successfully as a motor home heater, not an insert.

The Dimplex Insert - 30 inch seems to be able to warm up medium size rooms with a very realistic flame, it is easy to operate also thanks to the remote and apparently one light complain is the lack of crackling noise from the realistic fire.​

Product Specifications:

  • BTU: 5115
  • Cord Length: 5 Feet.
  • Dimensions: 30.13W x 12D x25.5H inches.
  • Heat Control: Remote Control.
  • Type: Insert.
  • Weight: 60 lbs.


  • A highly rated customer favorite.
  • Standard outlet required for operation.
  • Features advanced Electraflame technology.
  • Powerful fanforced heater.
  • On/Off Remote.
  • Glass stays cool to the touch for safety.
  • Green choice: no carbon monoxide or emissions.


  • Someone found it difficult to install.
  • Someone else found it a bit underpowered.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert - DFI2309

This one is a smaller 23 inch insert in traditional style. It is compact and easy to install and many people report of choosing it as a replacement for old gas/propane units or wood burning fireplaces with a capped chimney.

The BTU is 4692 and in fact in the majority of cases it is reported as suitable for medium to small rooms.

According to reviewers, the flame is very realistic and most are pleased with the look of it.

The switch offers 3 different settings, full heat, medium heat and flame only and apparently is also very quiet. Many users are happy with the logs being 3d real logs and not painted as in some other brands.

This Dimplex Fireplace Insert seems to offer easy installation even in the smallest old gas/wood fireplaces and new customers are happy with the extra safety offered by the electric, yet realistic flame.

Product Specifications:

  • Cord Length: 5 Feet
  • Dimensions: 23.2W x 10.8D x 19.8H inches
  • Heat Control: Remote
  • Type: Insert
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Style: Traditional


  • Attractive.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Realistic flame.
  • Supplemental Heat Source.
  • Warranty.
  • Traditional Look.
  • Ideal For Tight Spaces.


  • Some Report Low Power Output.
  • Short Electric Cable.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert - DFI2310

The Dimplex electric fireplace DFI 2310 is an insert very similar to the DFI2309 above, but is a little more expensive as it differs for a bigger and even more realistic flame.

It is a 23 inches insert, suitable to be plugged in in old unused fireplaces or even fake fireplaces or metal lined ones.

The consensus about this particular insert is that the flames are very realistic. Apparently whoever tries to stick his/her hand nearby to check it out is met with a mirror like barrier.

According to reviewers, the ceramic logs are also very realistic, glowing with a pulsating red but without any wood crackling sound, of course. Performance is similar to the DFI 2309, heating medium to small rooms and comes again with 3 manual settings: flame only, medium heat and full heat.

However, one common complain is that the remote offers just an on/off function, forcing you to get up and change setting manually if you need. The heating settings are also inconveniently placed in the upper right corner of the fireplace.

Overall, the Dimplex DFI2310 insert seems to offer ease of installation, a very realistic flame and logs set up and good performance, though someone found it a bit underpowered.​

Product Specifications:

  • Measures 23.25W x 10.75D x 19.68H inches.
  • Pulsating Embers And LED Inner-Glow Logs.
  • 4,692 BTU
  • Shipping Weight: 30.6 pounds.
  • Type: Insert.
  • Design: Traditional.
  • Flame Operates With Or Without Heat.


  • Easy To Install.
  • Large Realistic Flame.
  • Realistic Ceramic Logs.
  • Requires Standard 120V Outlet Only.
  • Built In Fan For Better Heating Distribution.
  • 2 Cents/Hour Only - Flame Operation.
  • 8 Cents/Hour - Flame And Heater Operation.


  • Someone Found It A Bit Underpowered.
  • No Heating Control On Remote - Just Switch On/Off.

Dimplex BLF50 - Electric Fireplace

Apparently, this smart looking Dimplex fireplace is very versatile because it can be mounted in 4 different ways:

fully recessed into a wall, retrofitted into an existing 2-ft. x 4-ft. wall space, wall mounted or installed as part of a Dimplex mantel package.

It is different from other fireplaces because is modern looking and the flame effect is made more alluring with the use of pieces of glass of different size painted silver on one side and reflecting the light in different directions.

According to the company, it adds a touch of relaxed ambiance to any room thanks to this sophisticated flame bed. The BTU is 4198, so this fireplace is suitable for medium to small rooms.

It seems to offer and attractive design, versatility of installation and easy set up.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 50.28W x 7D x 19.45H in.
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • BTU: 4198
  • Heat Control: Yes
  • Glamorous Flame Light With Sophisticated Flame Bed Made Of Different Size Glasses
  • 4 Different Installation Modes


  • Stylish and Glamorous.
  • Versatility of Installation.
  • Attractive Design.
  • Realistic And Mesmerizing Flame.
  • Supplemental Heat Source.
  • Green Choice.
  • Remote Control.


  • Short Electric Cable.
  • To Someone, Insufficient Heating Output.

Dimplex CS 3311 - Electric Fireplace

This particular Dimplex unit is a very popular portable fireplace styled as an old stove. It is finished in realistic cast iron but is compact and only weighs in at about 40 lbs, so people can move it easily around.

It has a BTU of 5,115 and is fan assisted, the air flows downward from the unit and then up, warming the room quickly.

According to reviewers, it is realistic in its looks and flickering flame and performs well, someone even added an extra basket of wood and a crackle box sound system nearby for extra realism!

The reason is different is that it seems to be able to satisfy most domestic situations with ease, cutting down a lot gas bills with a minimal extra electricity expenditure.

The greatest benefit is that it can be placed anywhere and apparently is also very effective, not just for the show, though it can also be turned into flame only mode (no heat) like all Dimplex units.

According to users, it is simple to operate, it comes with an on/off remote plus heating controls on the back. Some complain that it would be perfect to have the heating control on the remote as well. Also, there is an adjustable thermostat to maintain the temperature even at all times.

The Dimplex CS 3311 - Electric Fireplace seems to offer good value, attractive traditional stove style, performance, practicality and the usual realistic flickering Dimplex flame that makes it look like the real thing.​

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 20 x 23.1 inches.
  • Weight: 39 Lbs
  • Style: Traditional Stove.
  • FInish: Cast Iron.
  • BTU: 5,115
  • Type: Portable.


  • Attractive Traditional Stove Look.
  • Latch Door Opens.
  • Realistic Flame.
  • Realistic Cast Iron Finish.
  • Light, Easily Movable.
  • Versatile.
  • Remote Control, Thermostat And Different Heating Settings.


  • Thermostat Is A Simple Temperature Control Dial Without Temperature Settings.
  • The Blower Has Only 1 Speed.

Dimplex Mini Cube Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex mini cube is even more compact than the standard white cube and comes in red. It does not have a chrome pedestal but 4 feet.

BTU is 4674, a bit less than the standard Dimplex cube, so this modern mini stove is suitable for small rooms only.

According to the manufacturer it warms up to 400 square feet, but most customers use it for small rooms or as an additional zone heating aid.

There is no remote, and the manual controls consist of 3 functions: flame only, medium heat and full heat but no thermostat control.

The flame is the usual realistic Dimplex flame. This unit weighs just 21 lbs, so it can be moved around easily and the funky style makes it suitable for a kid room or just about anywhere.

It differs from the standard Dimplex cube because is even smaller, lighter, comes in red color and without chrome pedestal.​

Product Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 13W x 8D x 14.5H inches.
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • BTU: 4674
  • Built-in manual switches: power, low heat, high heat.
  • Warms as much as 400 sq. ft
  • Compact electric stove.


  • Tiny Size.
  • Attractive, Funky Design.
  • Very Light To Move Around.
  • Good Performance For Small Rooms.
  • Realistic Flame.
  • Adjustable Heat.
  • Green Product.


  • Not Suitable For Medium/Large Rooms.
  • No Thermostat.

Dimplex DS5629 Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex DS5629 is designed as a traditional stove. It seems to be a strong unit with a 1500 watt fan forced heater and a 5,120 BTU.

According to the company, it offers superior quality, operates for pennies a day and offers reliable safety. It does look attractive and, while not as small as other stoves, it still weighs only 56 lbs, so it can be moved around as needed.

It offers a nice black matte finish and the door really opens like a real wood stove, but the glowing logs and patented electric flame are apparently realistic enough to fool people into believing it's real and wanting to have a look.

However, door and stove are safely cool for kids and pets while the unit is making the room warm. This Dimplex comes with on/off remote control, thermostat and flame only option.

It is different from other electric stoves because it seems to be able to warm up not just small rooms but bigger rooms. According to customers, it offers traditional appealing stove look and good performance without the mess and dangers of wood, charcoal or gel.​

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 15.5 x 26.5 inches.
  • Weight: 56 Lbs
  • 120 Volts / 1,500 Watts / 5,120 BTU.
  • Thermostat Control.
  • On/off Remote Control.
  • Can Operate With Flame Only Or Flame With Heat.


  • Traditional Stove Good Looks.
  • Realistic Opening Door.
  • Realistic Flame And Logs.
  • Good Power Output.
  • Safe For Kids And Pets.
  • Economical.
  • Comes With Remote And Thermostat.


  • Few Shipping Problems Reported.

Dimplex CS1205 Electric Fireplace

This is another popular Dimplex stove of medium size. According to the company, it is for rooms up to 400 sq feet. Apparently it heats up rooms very quickly.

The finish is black and the door really opens to reveal glowing logs and flickering flame. It also has Hi/Lo settings and no heat option. It is used both as a stand alone heater or an aid heater.

Most people seem to choose it for its looks but they are also pleased with the heating capacity and the flames. Few complain of the lack of a thermostat, making it inconvenient to get up and switch off the unit when temperature is up.

The Dimplex CS1205 is also light enough at 27 lbs to be carried wherever is needed and some have even added an extra pipe to make it look even more real. Apparently, the best part of this Dimplex unit is that it is so effective that works also in poorly insulated old farmhouses.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 25 x 15 inches.
  • TEXT
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Measures 17.4W by 12D by 21.6 36H.
  • Fan-Forced Heater with Hi/Lo Settings.
  • Heats Up To 400 Square Feet.


  • Traditional Stove Design.
  • Door Opens.
  • Realistic Flame And Log Effect.
  • Light To Move.
  • Good Performance.
  • Sturdy.
  • Save - No Hand Scolding.


  • No Remote Control.
  • No Thermostat.

Dimplex Sahara Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex Sahara - Wall Mounted is a smart looking wall mounted electric fireplace. According to users, it exudes tranquility in an elegant and cozy package.

According to the company description, its size is similar to that of an LCD TV screen and can be easily accommodated on any wall, so you do not need to insert it in any place or take space in a room. The BTU is almost 5000, so it can warm up to 400 sq. feet rooms.

The famous Dimplex flame is screened by a picture like glass that stays cool to the touch and the design is contemporary with steel trim with silver and metal finish and comes with a thermostat and a remote control.

It is different from the fireplaces above in that it seems to look smarter than average and can be wall mounted like a plasma TV, a space saving solution.

According to customers, it is not just effective but soothing to watch. The consensus is that it is a it is a modern, attractive unit that adds ambiance and warmth.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 40 x 28 Inches.
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • BTU: 4,780
  • Heat Control: Remote.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Type: Wall Mounted.
  • Includes Mounting Hardware And Level.


  • Very Elegant And Attractive Design.
  • Decorative And Functional.
  • Exudes Tranquility.
  • Remote And Thermosta.
  • Wall Mounted - Space Saved.
  • Cool And Safe To The Touch.
  • Realistic Flame.


  • Reported Packing/Delivery Problems.

Those are all I used in last few years. Hope you guys liked my opinion as I worked hard to make the list perfect. Like emailing customers, asking friends about their opinion. Discuss with experts etc. After all of these hard work if I missed anything, please let me know via comment.

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