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This two burner Ventless Fireplace just sits out from the crowd in a simple way. This fireplace takes the framed in look just a hint further. The framed edging of the fireplace itself is even framed in, with a border of black steel, which is black powder coated like fireplace insert. It even gives it even more of a sophisticated look. The dual flame will surely catch anyone’s attention really quick.

Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

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This fireplace is great for you and the environment too. It burns clean thanks to the use of bio fuel ethanol. So you are not adding anything harmful to the air or into your lungs. It is also made from a resource that is renewable and is replaceable easily and quick. So you will be alleviating the demand on fossil fuels.

FEATURES I Love About This Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

Big or small, we think you should know them all. We want you to know all you can about your purchase before it happens not after. That way you know exactly what you are getting before it arrives on your doorstep. After all an informed buyer is a happy buyer and we want you to be happy. So keep reading for your much needed information.

No Vents or Chimney’s

This fireplace burns clean so there is no vent or chimney needed to vent out harmful gases, fumes or smoke.

Burns Bio Fuel

This fireplace burns a great bio fuel, ethanol. It burns clean with no ashes, soot, smoke, gas or fumes.

Dual Independent Burners

This fireplace features two dual independent burners.

Burner Capacity for Each Burner

Each burner has a capacity of 1.5 liters per Burner.

Ignis Bellezza Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

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Approximate Burn Time

When filled each burner can last up to 5 hours depending on setting.

Average BTU Output

Each burner puts out up to 6000 BTU

Metal Construction

Entire fireplace is constructed from durable and beautiful steel.

Easy Maintenance

Since this is clean burning there is no mess to clean up. Just wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.

Two Mounting Options

There are two mounting options for this fireplace. You can either recess mount it or mount it on any flat wall.

Mounting Hardware Included

Mounting hardware is included for the mounting of this fireplace.

Powder Coated Insert

The insert and the edge of the framed in edging are powder coated in black. For heat resistance and design.


ignis Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

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Tempered Glass Panel

This fireplace features a glass panel that gives you a great safety barrier and a great simple addition to the style.

You Control Flames

You have control over flame height. With included tool you can set the flames where you want them while in use.

3 – Year Warranty

Comes with 3 – Year malfunction and defects warranty.


  • Fireplace measurements 47 inches X 23.8 Inches X 7.2 inches.
  • Total weight of fireplace is 37 pounds.
  • BTU output is 6,000 BTU per burner.
  • Fuel used is bio ethanol fuel.
  • Burning time up to 5 hours.
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  • No vents or chimney’s required because this fireplace burns clean bio fuel.
  • This fireplace burns only bio fuel ethanol it is a great renewable energy.
  • No electric or gas required to use this fireplace.
  • Features dual independent burners, can uses individually or both at the same time.
  • Fireplace is constructed of all steel except for the glass on the front.
  • Glass on fireplace is tempered glass for safety.
  • The insert and the very edge of the frame part is powder coated for durability and heat resistance.
  • Each burner puts out up to 6,000 BTU’s each.
  • Each burner burns up to 5 hours on a complete fill.
  • Fireplace can be recessed mounted or wall mounted, mounting brackets are provided.
  • This fireplace also come with a respectable 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easy to clean, since it burns clean just a simple wipe down occasionally is all it will need.


  • Not meant for a main heat provider. May take the chill out of the air though.
  • Not remote controlled.


This double burner ethanol wall hanging furnace is a great example of sophisticated beauty. You will love how many more placements options are available to you now since it is vent free! You can finally enjoy a clean beautiful fire virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors. The beautiful design will fit into almost any decor residential and business alike.

You may even find yourself buying more than one after you find out how great this fireplace is. It even saves you money since there are no maintenance needs like a wood fireplace would need. It will not warm your whole house, but it will give you a great display and take the chill out of the air. It is perfect for a night for two or a dinner party for a few. It will be the center of attention and you will be happy to have made such a cost effective safe choice.

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