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Sometimes I forget that there are people who have never had the opportunity to sit by a blazing fire and watch the dancing flames flickering. I grew up in a small town, and we heated our home with wood in various wood burning devices. We have had fireplaces, and we have had wood burning stoves, or wood heaters. I had the luxury of hearing the crackling of the flames in the wood stove, and smelling the aroma of wood smoke.

Matt Logan
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I also had the misfortune to know what it is like to open the door to the wood stove and forget to open the damper on the vent pipe. That means your house fills with smoke, and that “pleasant” wood smoke aroma permeates everything, furniture, your clothing, and your hair. You smell like a giant BBQ most of the time.

I also know what it is like to wake up on a cold morning to discover that the fire in the firebox burned out and that the house has gotten cold. Someone has to get up and start a fire from scratch, and then it takes a long time for the fire to catch on, and the burning logs to generate enough heat to warm the house. A dual fuel vent less gas fireplace or a vent less gel fuel fireplace is the answer if you want the beauty of flames without the breathing disruptions caused by too much smoke.

In the house I live in today I have a vent less wall mounted fireplace. I get to see the beautiful yellow, red, and orange flames, and I hear the crackling of the fire. Just like when we had the traditional wood burning units in our home. The difference is that I have no wood to chop, no mess to clean up, I need no chimney or vent pipe because the fuel my fireplace burns does not create soot, smoke, or ash. I guess you could save I have the best of both worlds.

The vent less fireplace units can be powered by liquid propane, or bio ethanol fuel, or natural gas. That gives you the option of buying a unit that will use the fuel supply you have close to you.

Bio ethanol fuel fireplaces burn the plant based gel fuel and they require no vents or chimneys. Homeowners do not have to do any renovations before purchasing and installing these units in their homes. They can be used in apartments located in the heart of the city, or in out of the way cabins in the wood.

The modern vent less bio ethanol fireplaces ignite with the touch of a button so you do not have to keep matches or a lighter handy. That means they can be turned on with one push of a button without putting you in any danger.

The traditional wood stoves would burn your skin if you touched them and they created a fire hazard in your home. The new vent less gel fuel fireplace that I have in my home stays cool to the touch so my children are in no danger of being burned if they accidentally touch the exterior of the fireplace.

The ventless tabletop fireplaces create beautiful flames that look as vivid as flames created when you burn wood, except they are contained in a small appliance that you can easily move from place to place. The tabletop heaters produce enough heat to help reduce your utility bills that you incur from operating your central heating device.

The contents of this website have been assembled to help you understand more about the vent less fireplaces and how they function. The information is designed to help you understand these appliances and make an informed decision about whether one of the appliances would be beneficial in your home.

The ventless gel fuel fireplaces require no electricity, most of them require no gas lines, they burn clean fuel that is not harmful to people with breathing disorders, they produce no smoke, and they are attractive to look at.

You can get fireplaces that hang on the wall, stand in the corner, are a part of a complete entertainment center, or that are small enough to sit on a tabletop in your home.

I hope you find the information on these pages useful in helping you to select one of these items.

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